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Article 1. Purpose

Celecon, which is operated by 우리쇼핑몰. (e-commerce business), provides web site features to you subject to the following terms of use (the Agreement). Please read this agreement carefully, as it contains important information regarding your legal rights, remedies and obligations when using online services (“Services”). You should review this agreement, as modified or amended from time to time, as it is a binding contract between Celecon (“Mall”) and you (“You”).

This Agreement applies to other e-commerce that use PC network (individually and collectively the “Site”).

Article 2. Definition

“Mall” is defined as a virtual business space where {{__회사명__}}, INC. has established in order to utilize information network infrastructures to provide you with goods and services. Also it is used to define the business that operates cyber mall.

“User” is defined as members and non-members who visit the “Mall” and receive services provided by the “Mall”.

“Member” is defined as the person who has registered as a member of the “Mall” after providing required personal information and who can continue to receive the information of the “Mall” and services provided by the “Mall”.

“Non-member” is defined as the person who use the services provided by the “Mall” without registering as a member of the “Mall”.

Article 3. Elucidation, Explanation and Revision of Agreement

“Mall” posts the context of the Agreement, business name and the representative’s name, location of business (including the address which handles customers complaints), phone number, email address, business registration number, mail-order business registration number, a person in charge of personal information management, and etc on the initial page of the mall so users can be aware of those information. But the context of the Agreement is made to be available via the link page.

Before the users agree to be bound by the terms stated in the Agreement, “Mall” must seek their confirmations by aiding them to better understand the important points such as conditions for refunds, responsibility for delivery, withdrawal of agreement and etc in the context of Agreement by providing them with a pop-up screen or a separate link page detailing those points

“Mall” can modify the Agreement within the scope of the law about consumer protection in e-commerce, law about the regulations of agreement, law about the e-commerce, law about electronic signature, law about information network use promotion, law about call sales, consumer protection laws and other related laws.

In case “Mall” needs to modify the Agreement, “Mall” will post a notice stating the date and reasons of such modifications along with the current Agreement on the initial page of the “Mall” seven days prior to the modification. But in case the modification poses disadvantages to users, “Mall” will post the notification at least 30 days beforehand. In such case “Mall” will ensure a clear comparison between the before-modification Agreement and post-modification Agreement to be available for users.

In case “Mall” modifies the Agreement, the modified Agreement only applies to the contracts entered in after the date of application of the modification meaning the contracts entered in before the modification, the terms of before-modification Agreement applies. But if users wish to be subject to the modified Agreement and inform this to “Mall” and receive its consent within the time period stated in the Article 4, the modified agreement can apply to the users.

For the terms that are not specified by the Agreement and the interpretation of the Agreement, the laws about consumer protection in e-commerce, laws about the regulations of the agreement, guidelines for consumer protection in e-commerce defined by Fair Trade Committee and other relevant laws and commercial practices to be complied.

Article 4. Provision and Alternation of Service

“Mall” performs the following tasks.

1. Provide information about goods or services and make purchase agreement

2. Deliver goods or services that are purchased by users

3. Other works appointed by “Mall”

“Mall” can change the goods or services according to the agreement if there is any circumstance that such goods or services are sold out or technical specifications have changed. In this case, changed goods or services must clearly state the provision date and notify it at the site where the details about current goods or services are posted.

In case “Mall” changes the goods or services which it agrees to provide to users under the purchase agreement due to the circumstance that such goods or services are sold out or technical specifications have changed, “Mall” notifies the users.

In case such thing happens, “Mall” compensates the users for the damages caused. However if there is no concrete evidence proving that such happening was resulted from the intention or mistake of “Mall”, “Mall” does not compensate the users.

Article 5 Discontinuation of Service

“Mall” can temporarily discontinue the provision of service when the inspection, exchange, breakdown of information network infrastructures happens.

“Mall” compensates the users for the damages caused by discontinuation of services due to the circumstances described above. But if there is no concrete evidence proving that such happening was resulted from the intention or mistake of “Mall”, “Mall” does not compensate the users.

In case service can no longer be provided due to the circumstances such as change in business areas, abandonment of business, merge between companies, and etc, “Mall” will notify the users via the methods set by Article 8 and compensate the users according to the conditions formally proposed beforehand. But in case “Mall” has not notify users of compensation standard, “Mall” will give out cash or something equivalent to cash that are valid to use at “Mall”.

Article 6 Member Registration

Users enter in the member information according to the registration format set by the “Mall” and apply for the member registration by expressing their consent about the terms of the Agreement.

“Mall” accepts the users as the members unless the following cases apply to them

1. In case the user has had lost the qualifications for membership for the reason set by the Section 3 of Article 7. However exception applies to the case the user has regained his or her right to register as a member three years after his or her loss of the qualifications for membership for the reason set by the Section 3 of Article 7.

2. In case there is a false or omission in the given information

3. In case there is noticeable technical problem with registering the user as other type of member

The date of validation of membership registration is to be the date that the consent of “Mall” arrives to the member.

If there is any change in the information due to the Section 1 of Article 15, members must immediately notify “Mall” of such change via email or other relevant ways.

Article 7. Withdrawal of Membership and Loss of Qualifications

Members can request for the withdrawal anytime and “Mall” progresses the withdrawal process immediately.

If any of the following cases apply to a member, “Mall” can immediately progress the membership withdrawal of such member.

1. If the member has provided the “Mall” false information when registering a membership

2. If the member does not pay for the goods or services purchased at “Mall” within a required period of time.

3. If the member violates the e-commerce orders by for example disturbing the others’ use of “Mall” and/or illegally use others’ information.

4. If the member violates the laws using “Mall” or performs acts against the Conditions of Use and public order and good morals.

“Mall” can deliberately withdraw the membership qualifications of the member if he or she does not rectify his or her actions or performs the same actions for more than twice after “Mall” has restricted or halted his or her membership qualifications

In case “Mall” withdraws the membership qualification, the membership registration is erased. In such circumstance, “Mall” notifies the member of the erasure and offers the member an opportunity to explain at least 30 days before the erasure of membership registration.

Article 8. Notice about Members

If “Mall” needs to notify members of some matters, “Mall” can email the members to the email address which is given by the member.

In case “Mall” needs to notify unspecified members of some matters, individual notification will be superseded by posting a notice on the message board of “Mall” for more than one week. But “Mall” contacts the individual member in case the matters greatly affect the transaction of such member.

Article 9. Purchase Request

The users of “Mall” request the purchase by the following ways of other equivalent and appropriate ways whereas “Mall” needs to provide users with easy-to-understand information for each of the followings. But if the user is a member, section 2 or section 4 may not be required.

1. Search and select goods or services

2. Enter your name, address, phone number, email address (or mobile phone number)

3. Check up on the information about the contents of agreement, services that put limits on agreement withdrawal, delivery fees, installation fees, and other related costs

4. Signify whether you agree or disagree with the agreement and that you have checked the above section 3 out (e.g. mouse click)

5. Confirm goods or services purchase request or agree with the confirmation of “Mall”

6. Select the payment method

Article 10. Delivery of Contract/Agreement

“Mall” may not permit the purchase request described in Article 9 if the following cases apply. In case a minor enters in the contract, however, notification about the fact that the minor or legal representative may cancel the contract if the consent from the legal representative is not obtained is required.

1. In case there is false and/or omission in the contents of the request

2. In case the minor is purchasing goods or services prohibited by Juvenile Protection Act such as cigarettes and alcohols

3. And any other cases that the allowance of such purchase request imposes great technical problems to “Mall”

The contract is to be validated at the time when the consent of “Mall” arrives at the user in the form described in Section 1 of Article 12.

The expression of will of “Mall” needs to contain information about the availability to purchase, check the purchase request, modify or cancel the purchase request, and etc.

Article 11. Payment Methods

As for the methods of payments for the goods or services purchased at “Mall”, one of either the following methods can be implied. “Mall” cannot collect additional commissions for any of the payment methods.

1. Phone banking, Internet banking, mail banking and other types of credit transfers

2. Prepaid card, Debit card, Credit card and other types of card payments

3. Online deposit without a bankbook

4. Payment with electronic money

5. Pay when goods or services are delivered

6. Payment with points given by “Mall”

7. Payment with gift cards approved by “Mall”

8. Payment by other types of electronic methods

Article 12. Notice Confirming the Reception of Purchase Request and Modification and Cancellation of Purchase Request

“Mall” notifies the user of reception of purchase request when there is one

The user who has received the notice confirming that “Mall” has received his or her purchase request can immediately request for modification or cancellation of purchase request if there is a disagreement of expression of will and “Mall” must handle such request before the delivery of goods or services. In case if the payment is made, however, the guidelines set by Article 15 are to be followed.

Article 13. Provision of Goods or Services

Unless there is any separate contracts between “Mall” and the user about the date of provision of goods or services, “Mall” ensures the necessary works including ordering or producing, and packaging the goods or services so it can be delivered within 7 days after the user made purchase request. In case “Mall” has already received partial or whole payments for the goods or services purchased, “Mall” ensures that the goods or services to be delivered within 2 working days after the partial or whole payment is received. In this case, “Mall” takes the adequate process so the user can check the details about the process and steps of provision of the goods or services.

“Mall” sates the delivery methods, costs chargeable to the user for each delivery method, the delivery period for each method, and other relevant information. If “Mall” exceeds the delivery time beyond the delivery period previously stated in the contract, “Mall” will compensate the users for the damages from the delayed delivery. But if it is proved that there is no willful negligence done by “Mall”, “Mall” does not compensate the user for any losses.

Article 14. Refund

If “Mall” cannot deliver or provide the goods or services because such goods or services are out of stock or due to any other relevant reasons, “Mall” notifies the user of such problem without delay and if “Mall” has received payments for the purchase of goods or services, “Mall” refunds the payment within 3 working days after the payment is received or takes necessary actions to do so.

Article 15. Withdrawal of Contract

The user who has entered into a contract with “Mall” to purchase goods or services may withdraw the contract within 7 days after he or she receives from “Mall” the notice about reception of purchase request.

After the user has received goods or services, the user may not get refund or exchange the goods or services if any of the following cases apply.

1. If the goods or services are destructed or damaged due to the reasons the user is responsible for (except when the user has damaged the package to find out the contents of the goods or services)

2. If the value of goods or services has gone down significantly due to the use or consumption by the user

3. If the value of goods or services has gone down significantly as time passed and become not saleable anymore

4. If the package of the original goods or services are damaged when the replication of goods or services with equal functions are possible

If “Mall” has not specified the certain limits on the withdrawal of contract at the place where the consumers can easily find and/or provided a trial product in certain cases described in Section 2 and Section 4 of Article 2, the contract withdrawal of the user is not restricted.

If there the contents of advertisements/presentations of goods or services and the contents of the contract are different from the actual goods or services, the user can withdraw the contract within 3 months after the goods or services delivered or within 30 days after the day the user has found such difference.

Article 16. Effects of Contract Withdrawal

In case the user returns the goods or services, “Mall” takes necessary actions to refund the payments already made by the user for the purchase of goods or services within 3 working days.

In case the user has made his or her payment with a credit card or electronic money, “Mall” requests the business that provides such payment services to stop or cancel the payment.

The cost involved in returning the goods or services after withdrawing the contract is chargeable to the user. “Mall” does not charge the user for any penalty or compensation for his or her withdrawal of contract. But in case the withdrawal of contract has taken place because the contents of advertisements/presentations of goods or services and the contents of the contract are different from the actual goods or services, “Mall” takes burden of costs required for return of goods or services.

In case the user is charged for the delivery costs when the goods or services are provided, “Mall” clearly states who will be charged for that cost when the contact is withdrawn.

Article 17. Protection of Personal Information

When collecting the information of the user, “Mall” collects only very necessary information needed to perform the purchase contract. The followings are the essential categories of information needed and other than those stated below are to be optional.

1. Name

  • Company name : (주)아이즈비전 | representative : 이통형 | address : 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 12 CCMM빌딩 7층
  • Business registration No. : 607-81-34770 [Verify company info ] | Total sales number : 2008-서울영등포-0852호
  • Telephone : 1800-0152 | Email :
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